Fabolous - I'm A Boss Freestyle Lyrics Fabolous - I'm A Boss Freestyle Lyrics

Fabolous - I'm A Boss Freestyle Lyrics

Jahlil Beats tags Fabolous for this new remix of Meek Mill's "I'm A Boss" which he shouts on this freestyle. Fab goes hard in this!

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stand up nigga looking down on a slouch
i got a thing for putting footprints in the couch
nigga mad cause his chick in my section
take it the wrong way, he dead, die-rection
come through in the am, y’all thought the morning
i mean thta aston martin, see my thoughts are foreign
i f-ck with real n-ggas who like to pop some tags
i dig a chick who ’bout her money, got some ass
so i love nicki minaj, i told her i’d admit it
she said “no you f-cking don’t fab, you just wanna hit it”
okay girl you got me, but i’m with it, if you with it
i just wanna hear make them funny voices while we did it
i’m a boss (boss)
that mean your man run shit
she got a man, but i’m who her man come get
new management, hermes done with
she let me score, thats foul, and one b-tch

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Song Information:
Title: I'm A Boss
Artist: Fabolous
Length: 1:47
Type: Freesyle
Album: N/A
Genre: Rap
Producer: Jahlil Beats
Featured Artists: N/A

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