Waka Flocka - Pretty Gordo Freestyle Lyrics Waka Flocka - Pretty Gordo Freestyle Lyrics

Waka Flocka - Pretty Gordo Freestyle Lyrics

Waka Flocka goes hard with the release of this 1 minute music video for "Pretty Gordo" which is a freestyle of A$AP Rocky's "Pretty Flacko".

New Pretty Gordo Freestyle Lyrics from LatestVL. 'Pretty Gordo Freestyle" video recorded by Waka Flocka is located above.

god damn turned up man, shit man
all black caddie

waka flocka loco, loco, i don’t ball with popo, popo
effin on my hip shawty, i’m not riding solo dolo
rip to doggy ? pay for pussy that’s a no no
throwing money, dive in the crowd, shawty i can call it promo
call me pretty gordo motto
drinking ram moscato,  ?
three 6 freaky ?
nigga won’t you keep on trying ?
my watch say i made it
my chain say i’m rich
diamonds in my mouth got me talking cash it
cool as clark kent, fold your pants what i spend
fuck your main girl all my desk of exit waka flocka, waka flocka
waka, waka, waka, waka, flocka, yeah

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Song/Lyrics Information:
Artist: Waka Flocka
Title: Pretty Gordo Freestyle
Length: 1:23
Type: Short Freestyle
Album: N/A
Genre: Rap
Producer: N/A
Featured Artists: N/A

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