Los - Mercy Freestyle Lyrics Los - Mercy Freestyle Lyrics

Los - Mercy Freestyle Lyrics

Rapper Los aka Shooter has just jacked this track for a freestyle of Kanye West's GOOD Music "Mercy". He then goes hard and clever in this 3 minute freestyle.

New Mercy Freestyle Lyrics from LatestVL. "Mercy Freestyle" video recorded by Los is located above.

i said i hate rappers i hate rappers
damn right i hate rappers
im outta this world like E.T
you add a A.H and thats HATE backwards
yall niggas got that trash bag swag
all i wanna see is your girl's mouth
like she got on batman's mask
so how the fuck you claim the hoe
when i gotta peel my homie off her
she love the fact that he play the spur
like when Eva was with Tony Parker
woop woop
niggas be followin cheap hoes
listen to carlos cause hes cold
nigga jus follow the g code
this is me off of my beast mode
Puffy told me stay patient
y'all niggas on vacation
and im jus in my cave waitin'
im a winner im a stunna'
im so seasoned nigga
i could choke the winter out the summer
nigga i'm so fly my pictures should be under pilots
the way i (eye)ball i should be under eyelids
never should i just be under minded
wonder where your girl is nigga
prolly under my dick
you must of bumped ur head
kill em that's what my sponsor said
rarely do i sleep but when i do its under monsters beds
want me chop it down cuz im choppin' on them folks
stay the fuck up out my business hit this chopper on your nose
chop em chop em down like frenchie bitch
come chop it up with los we get them birds like we cal ripken
then we chop em down to o's (BALTIMORE ORIOLES)
out the 410 whats poppin bitch
you droppin down them poles
i paint that chevy body blue
like papa smurf without no clothes
uh, white top white top,
my drop top get your wife popped
we fist fight get ur knife out ?? ock??
and you just might lose your light (POP)
i peel off the top with my bare hands
my trunk beat like bear slaps
get more head then Bayer aspirin
y'all niggas bite like bear traps
slap her on her bare ass
say she can not bare it
boy dont get embarrassed
im in furs more then bear shit
say he love that hoe that's just a handyman
so many niggas in that pussy call it mini van
no really damn
i put 50 cent inside her pussy it played many men
ima get rich die tryin'
that slick shit i drive by it
and they ask me whats my swag high
say shit bitch im skydiving, its going down
my flow cold as common
but this aint a common cold that's going round
uh, i out class you widdles
im goin back to ZERO
im like a black deniro
im half past a hero
im bout to lap the track
im bout to smash the stereo---types(sterotypes),
im nice, fuck em, twice
no bullshit im insane try not to trigger me
my father took a bullet to the brain
i hate chall i love rap
i love yall i hate rap
im fucked up i take that
i slow down and let the rhythm find me
so i stop writing cuz it live inside me

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Song/Lyrics Information:
Artist: Los
Title: Mercy
Length: 2:58
Type: Freestyle
Album: N/A
Genre: Rap
Producer: N/A
Featured Artists: N/A

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