Jae Millz - Molly Lyrics Ft 2 Chainz Jae Millz - Molly Lyrics Ft 2 Chainz

Jae Millz - Molly Lyrics Ft 2 Chainz

2 Chainz yet again goes with another collaboration, this time it's with Young Money's Jae Millz. Jae is starting to get more relevant again with the release of this banger"Molly" off DJ STevie J's "The Appreciation 4".

New Molly Lyrics from LatestVL. "Molly" video recorded by Jae Millz is located above.

[Hook - Jae Millz at latestvideolyrics.blogspot.com]
Molly molly molly
Molly keep me smiling
Molly make me walk up in the club and act holly
And can f-ck everybody, ? so rock me
I don't need no ?, she escort me to the party

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Song/Lyrics Information:
Artist: Jae Millz
Title: Molly
Length: 3:26
Type: Full CDQ
Album: The Appreciation 4
Genre: Rap
Producer: N/A
Featured Artists: 2 Chainz

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