Wale - Oliver Twist Lyrics Wale - Oliver Twist Lyrics

Wale - Oliver Twist Lyrics

D'Banj's "Oliver Twist" tune is gettin popular among artist remixes. First was Estelle and now Wale's stepping on the beat too in this one and a half minute freestyle with DJ Semtex.

New Oliver Twist Lyrics from LatestVL. "Oliver Twist" video recorded by Wale is located above.

Twist are we good, are we good?
All the niggers in the back of your hood!
…never sat with a good ass ..and a nigger might love that!
Yeah! Bring the right flow!
MOG … nigger like a life show
That weed on me, the tobacco
And them hating ass niggers, we ain’t like those,
no, no, we are not those
And I drop top off…
..but I got hoes, so fly, we are saying, we ain’t got those.
We’re exclusive… they never do shit
And I’ll be talking about…
I got the whole damn world on…
…so we’re good, and we’re good
…the niggers in the back, we are…
Stand by, never sat with a good ass
Nigger go back, and a nigger might do that
Fuck that… get the money, when I ride, the whole town gets sunny..
Niggers hate us, we’re famous, so I never blame them
I’m just saying they’re mad cause I don’t make much…
Break it up…
..she never been to South East
..thirty minutes to the…
We ain’t speaking so much shit as…
Work, work, work, work!

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