Odd Future - NY Lyrics Ft Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator Odd Future - NY Lyrics Ft Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator

Odd Future - NY Lyrics Ft Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator

The crazy ones(in a good way) Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats has just collaborated with Odd Future with this song "NY (Ned Flander)" which the music video looks pretty odd and unique. It will be included in the package release of "OF Tape Vol. 2" due on March 20th.

New NY Lyrics from LatestVL. "NY" video recorded by Odd Future is located above.

Verse 1:
(Hodgy Beats)
Carter Wong, bring the challenge from the eight masters
Hodgy Long, one of them bastards that were head bashers
yeah we skate mental, but the meaning of a thrasher
is the whiplash out, and then you pussy niggas fracture
I need meds from a mental institution
for my brand is revenge, free throw finger shootin'
record him screaming, intertwine him in a loop then
take the garbage out back, i pay the homage in fact
I'm throwin' t-bones, to these wannabe me clones
in their wannabe me clothes, bitch I'm actually old
I spin you like the cover we on, yeah, in between the pages
I'm 21 now, been runnin' these Fairfax blocks for ages
Organic for breakfast, free ranging on stages
12 noon on my clock, engaged for 12 gauges
I spit the plague and don't believe in being pagan
I send your wife dead photos of you taken by Sagan. Bitch

Verse 2:
(Tyler, The Creator)
This that we shit, hot shit piss off custodians
get rich and marry fat bitch, Lamar Odom
I'm rich bitch, and y'all jelly as the jar, petroleum
That i had used on my elope with him and 40 Mormon and
I'm planning on firing Clancy, ain't no damn controlling him boy
you can't carry this gun, Cannon Nickelodeon boy
my boy Domo higher than fat bitches sodium
and nuggets greener than the fucking can my Arizona's in
I'm sneaking in your kids earlobes, oh no it's him
"Goblin", dropped like the soap in the tub
and now i have famous friends who like coke in their drugs
dancing with me, Jerry Sandusky, and the pope in the club
Jerry's trying to get a tug, but isn't paying enough
Now if he doubles it, I'll tug it in the bathtub with bubbles
and the rubber ducky that I got on tour, Kentucky
with some groupies where I had got lucky with some "sucky, sucky"
Trust me honey bunny, if you fuck me you gon' leave with running nose
I be running in these hose with no condom on,
fucking fuck, me.

Translation of what the girl is saying at 0:52

Leave me alone, you crazy ass. All they do is follow me around and talkin' stupid shit like I would understand what they are saying. I don't know what the fuck is an "odd future." What is that? What is an "odd future?" I don't know what it is, but you can go to the dick with your stupid shit And if you don't leave me alone I will call the police

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Song/Lyrics Information:
Artist: Odd Future
Title: NY (Ned Flander)
Length: 2:22
Type: Full CDQ + MV
Album: OF Tape Vol 2
Genre: Rap
Producer: Tara Razavi
Featured Artists: Hodgy Beats, Tyler, The Creator

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