Lloyd Banks - Open Arms Lyrics Lloyd Banks - Open Arms Lyrics

Lloyd Banks - Open Arms Lyrics

G-Unit's Lloyd Banks has then again released another track "Open Arms" for his upcoming V6 project!

New Open Arms Lyrics from LatestVL. "Open Arms" video recorded by Lloyd Banks is located above.

out here we got it hard, so hard
the street got our arms open up to me
they wanna see me fall down, way down
when i get back up they f-ck with me
i know you see me
you wish you was me
life's a b-tch see your sh-t is ugly
eyes to wrist n-ggas looking funny
you want it but i want it more
no rules here all fear nothin more

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Song/Lyrics Information:
Artist: Lloyd Banks
Title: Open Arms
Length: 2:47
Type: Full CDQ
Album: V6
Genre: Rap
Producer: Doe Pecsi
Featured Artists: N/A

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