Wiz Khalifa - Cosmic Kev Freestyle Lyrics Wiz Khalifa - Cosmic Kev Freestyle Lyrics

Wiz Khalifa - Cosmic Kev Freestyle Lyrics

Here's an old freestyle originally from December 2011 by Wiz Khalifa. He's talking about money about Snoop Dogg on this "Cosmic Kev Freestyle".

i'm roll it, roll another one
when it's all said and done i'll be at the top
'cause i hustle a lot
them cars we pullin em on the lot
don't even test job it before i cop
just bored in the yacht or better grab table in vegas
the deal is hangin how we amount in my watch
i'm placin my wager don't even care how much paper i blow
cause how to get this money against the yonker for things that i know
i'm blowing this thing by the o
my wh-p so strong i swear to god you would think it's cologne
i go anywhere in the world and just make it my home
stand at the highest level but i ain't makin it alone
now that my money bright them s-ckers keep thinkin i'm wrong
but i just push your gas pull up the braker i'm gone
if you ain't talking money homie you can't get a car
cause this a f-ckin life you can't live it all
i'm gettin ... while i drive i ain't thinking to y'all
and i ain't in the game f-ck you thinkin i ball
you talk the sh-t i ... i just see you tomorrow
i am gettin sh-t you ain't n-gga see me goin after the mall
i'm doing ... my ... i won't shop at the stores
i'm overseas smoking trees with snoop deal double g
m-a-c d-a-b oh mac and devon december 11 plus 2 december 13th
you won't ... with me, yeah
smokin ... all day

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Song Information:
Title: Cosmic Kev Freestyle
Artist: Wiz Khalifa
Length: 1:41
Type: Short
Album: N/A
Genre: Rap
Producer: N/A
Featured Artists: N/A

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