Meek Mill - Errday Lyrics Ft Rick Ross Meek Mill - Errday Lyrics Ft Rick Ross

Meek Mill - Errday Lyrics Ft Rick Ross

Fresh track dropped by Meek Mill which features Maybach boss Rick Ross possibly from their Dream Chasers project titled "Errday".

New Errday Lyrics from LatestVL. "Errday" video recorded by Meek Mill is located above.

I Got these Nigguhs Hatin on Me, But i dont give a fuck because they bitches waitin on me,

Im jus countin all this money, and buying all these Hammers, so when these nigguhs play i let my shooters go bananas

Diamonds flashing like a camera, my whip sound like a monster, My bitch got on that shit she got a million dollar sponser

These nigguhs gettin sick somebody call the doctor cuz all this blood drippin 20 racks i louis vuitton her

i go Douche & gabana Gucci, Louis, Prada, fly as hell & wycells Boy i gotta lot of . . . Thats where they probably find us Jumpin off the jet like sayonara to your honor

I Swallow bitches, i employ dem nigguhs, whip my ass with the riches likes its some toilet tissue
Fuck with a Winner, Minks in the winter, Philadelphia Millionaire Meek be dat Nigguh, Ya nigguhs hatin my nigguhs ballin Poppin Bands Countin Dollars Buyin them Magnum Bottles my bitches patient your bitch is boring fuck her that friday night we both woke up that sunday morning

Young nigguh lotta cash, bad bitch lotta ass Lamborghini Kinda Fast it got these haters kinda mad

Make me bring them sticks out AK wit the comma addin these nigguhs is kinda nice which means that they kinda ass

i Be on all kinds of shit, boy i get all kinds of cash, Monday ima wear my J's Tuesday In my Prada Bag

Wednesday i go louis vuitton they say how yuh been i say doin fine bitch i ball hard like 2 lebrons i hit the booth no suit and tie

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Song/Lyrics Information:
Artist: Meek Mill
Title: Errday
Length: 3:48
Type: Full
Album: Dream Chasers
Genre: Rap Hip-Hop
Producer: Cardiak
Featured Artists: Rick Ross

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