M-Flo - She's So (Outta Control) Lyrics Ft 2NE1 M-Flo - She's So (Outta Control) Lyrics Ft 2NE1

M-Flo - She's So (Outta Control) Lyrics Ft 2NE1

Japanese rapper M-Flo has just recruited the korean girl group 2NE1 for a new japanese single "She's So (Outta Control)". This may be the first original japanese song for 2NE1 and it can help on their debut on the jpop scene.

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Song/Lyrics Information:
Artist: M-Flo
Title: She's So (Outta Control)
Length: 4:38
Type: Full
Album: N/A
Genre: JPop
Producer: N/A
Featured Artists: 2NE1 (CL, Bom, Dara, Minzy)

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  1. It's not the first Japanese single for 2NE1 - they've released a mini album in Japanese, with the Japanese versions of "Go Away", "It Hurts (Slow)", "I Am The Best", "Ugly", "Lonely", "Hate You" and "Don't Stop The Music". It... didn't do very well. They'll also be releasing a new Japanese album with songs like "Scream" and a Japanese cover of "Like A Virgin".

    Come on - I'm not even a BlackJack (2NE1 fan), and I know this stuff!

    1. Um, it said the first ORIGINAL Japanese song for 2NE1 song