Mac Miller - Death Of The Emcee Lyrics Mac Miller - Death Of The Emcee Lyrics

Mac Miller - Death Of The Emcee Lyrics

It's a surprise as Mac Miller joined a DJ Whoo Kid and  Mr. Peter Parker project "Frat Rap" with his newly released one-verse "Death Of The Emcee". The fastforward beat doesn't really rhyme but the rap is kinda crazy.

New Death Of The Emcee Lyrics from LatestVL. "Death Of The Emcee" video recorded by Mac Miller is located above.

ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today
to remember the life of many

what makes this world so cold?
people have to die before they even get old
stories untold, ho for a ho
tell the homies and the hoes to leave me alone
cause i know that all i gotta do is stay focused, stay dedicated
i'm tryna get a bank with a better statement
and this is for the people said i'd never make it
and for the hoes who won't fuck me unless i'm famous
mind educated by the world around it
been elevated in the himalaya mountains
so now i'm drinking from the fountain of life
they wonder "why this white boy stay sounding so nice?"
maybe cause i was meant to speak the truth to em
over melody, i'm in the booth loadin
with a pen and a pad and a glass of some gin
me to music like this hat to a brim
clean and simple, i can't be separated
you got a dream, but you scared and you yet to chase it
so you ain't going nowhere fast
think you fresh cause your clothes got polo tags?
i'm on a journey boy, i don't look back
plus i'm fresher than a laundromat, now look at that
i can change the world on a monday through a friday
and turn around and get fly straight 5 days
just gotta do this shit my way
you ain't an artist cause you got your own myspace
please don't waste my time
and if you got a lot of hobbies, don't say you grind
cause you way behind, i'm on my way to shine
in a hurry, ain't taking my time
cause i waited long enough, my time is now
all these bloggers online tryna find my style
"he a stoner, he don't know shit
ain't a struggle in his life he gotta cope with"
i'm just telling you what's in my mind
cause i'm finna be the best when i'm in my prime
now they got the high life playing in rewind
say i'm something of a different kind...i guess
homework must've slipped my mind
where the fuck you find a young'un who can spit like i?
my button down shirt equipped with a tie
cause boy, i'm on the business side
young entrepreneur, no diddy though
who makes movies while you making home videos
i just wanna let my whole city know
that a young boy finna blow
you either with me or against me
the death of the emcee

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Song Information:
Title: Death Of The Emcee
Artist: Mac Miller
Length: 2:42
Type: Full
Album: #FratRap
Genre: Rap
Producer: DJ Whoo Kid
Featured Artists: N/A

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