Konan & Krept - Otis Lyrics Konan & Krept - Otis Lyrics

Konan & Krept - Otis Lyrics

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we went away for a bit now everybody thinks they run things
now were back, everybody stop fronting
she said she wanna get inside my boxers
cos she like the way i punch it
she was on stuff, you shoulda saw krepts face
i make these girls buss but you gotta have these skets trained
cos all this time wont even make your ex change
why, when your fly, you aint even gotta explain
money on my brain 24 7
got 1 sick 8 like 24 7's
get a calculator out and go back to the last sentence
(what he just say) legend
im whats poppin, along with her cherry
we the best period, none of you's ready
made his head curve when i hit him with the torch
cos he thought he was bold, so he got buried
i tell her thats shes hot thats how i brake the ice
she dressed to kill she wanna take my life
ah, she spilt drink on my nike airs
i had to switch to jordans like katy price
got these girls going mad what a crazy life
babe i got a free house, warn stay the night?
she gave the eye, the i fade the lights
got the jim jams out and the baby wipes
ah, yeah, im the sexpert
tell a gyal before they die for me, head first
twin barrel ting, make ya head churn
i make two twins pop, jedward
i dont give an f word
roll on me in your benz, might get merc'd
ah, broke niggas no net worth
you needless, now your neck hurts
i make my bars with my eyes closed
call that a blind date
your girls been watching, shes a time waster
i hear rappers saying they the best
but i dont give a monkeys cos i aint even in my prime mate
the way this girls on me you would think im tryna dis her
stella always whines cos she know i never liquor
killer, but you know i never mind her
get girls whipped, then i go and screw the driver
got your girl whipped, feeling all horny
fingers, i got 2 in, broadway
top class brain, but she failed college
kilt that pussy, but i aint scottish
test out my suttin if you warn try mock it
had enough of you punks, so i got a rocket
silly nob spilt chilli on his top
but thats the only time hes had a hot spice on him

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Song Information:
Title: Otis
Artist: Konan & Krept
Length: 3:04
Type: Full Cover Remix
Album: N/A
Genre: Rap
Producer: N/A
Featured Artists: N/A

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