Kid Ink - Party Everywhere Lyrics Kid Ink - Party Everywhere Lyrics

Kid Ink - Party Everywhere Lyrics

New dope song from Mr. Kid Ink titled "Party Everywhere" DJ Ill Will Presents "Coast 2 Coast Vol 172" mixtape produced by Sledgren.

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better get familliar, me and my famillia ended like a spinna get it right thro beggining
shut it down take control of the me, how im in ciao like from me bitch!
come and find me somewhere on the furnance ye we in the building taking super intetendent
that im about to go dumb i got stupid intentions and my pockets on the pitch and
live a dream come and pitch me #EGHH
Im young fly teeroll super ego tatted like a cheeko up all night like a club and casino
no sleep i dont count sht just cee roll, this is late night affair, cheating on the sun
smoking on a flare, standing on a chair got bitches everywhere you already know its a party everywhere

keep it rolling ash in the cup girlfriend with me got a ass fat as fuck
aint a song for your biznis grown up money all this paper thrwoing around looking like mommy #EGHH
partys never over, far away from sober flying in loadest i said im high not olimpish
you can take it to the faith seeing it in 3rd dimension
im such a fool too goofest scoob see me breaking all the rules like a kit kat straight from the club
to kick back you know where we at tatted right above the six pack
mr hollywood to the hood, bitch im good nigga never get it missunderstood
in the air going over niggas heads like a sattelite
you know what we having

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Song Information:
Title: Party Everywhere
Artist: Kid Ink
Length: 3:38
Type: Full
Album: Coast 2 Coast Vol. 172 mixtape
Genre: Rap
Producer: Sledgren
Featured Artists: N/A

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