Yo Gotti - Somebody Watching Me Lyrics Yo Gotti - Somebody Watching Me Lyrics

Yo Gotti - Somebody Watching Me Lyrics

Somebody Watching Me - Yo Gotti

Remix or may I say Yo Gotti's own hiphop version of "Somebody Watching Me" off his Coccaine Muzik 5 mixtape.

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Song Information
Title: Somebody Watching Me
Artist: Yo Gotti
Length: 3:10
Type: Full
Album: Coccaine Muzik 5 mixtape
Genre: Rap Hip Hop
Producer: N/A
Featured Artists: N/A

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  1. I always feel like somebodys watching me,
    they keep on hating, but it dont bother me,
    keep it moving, moving, this is what we do &
    the money we pursuing, they mad cuz they losing, they losing, I always feel like somebodys watching me

  2. I'm paranoid schizophrenia niggas tryin to set me up ask god can he bullet proof the coupe they tryin to wet me up work been comin in bad still gotta get it off since dis shit aint taking soda shit gotta sell it soft hey gotta breakem off what gotta drop the price hey got dis shit dis morning gotta go tonite put me on a microscope he rapin but he sellin dope

  3. Homies in the feds ya im scared they tryin to lock me in we dont talk on phones when send message through a mutual friend