Lil Twist: Baby Remix Lyrics + Video Lil Twist: Baby Remix Lyrics + Video

Lil Twist: Baby Remix Lyrics + Video

Lil Twist - Baby Remix Video

Here's a freestyle verse by Lil Twist of Justin Bieber's song, Baby. I think they need to make a remix full version.

Lil Twist - Baby Remix Lyrics

Stay tuned as Baby Remix Lyrics by Lil Twist will be updated without any notification. For now, here's the chorus for Lil Twist - Baby Remix video.

young money
young mula
say its young mula baby
and i had to go in with my bro J.B
cuz i told him i would
so u people know me
t- w- i put the letter to the t
say the boy so cold x2
have a nightmare be be small
if you think im crashing wait till i reload
call me twizzy and bieber
i like girls i like girls
like tiffa
thats a certified depo
wait till i meet her
she hot like a keeper
hot like a baker
fresh like meneeda
next top model middle name eeva
yea lemme take a breather
i gave her more strikes than
its young mula baby

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