Joe Budden - Hello Expectations Lyrics Joe Budden - Hello Expectations Lyrics

Joe Budden - Hello Expectations Lyrics

Joe Budden - Hello Expectations Video

Hot new track from Joe Budden produced by Beewirks.

Joe Budden - Hello Expectations Lyrics

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Uh oh (uh oh)......... Uh Ohhhhh!!.............. Oooooohh!!
Good Evening..... how's everybody feeling.... yall good (that MJ bullshit... we on it)
Beautiful weather we havin... (yall good) Sunny Days n shit ...... feelin great.... Better than ever!! .....Talk to' em!!

Check, its time to educate alert ya if you feather weight by nurture
lookin for a fix Im here to medicate n nurse ya
Was puttin this shit off and though I hesitated furtha
Even me thinkin bout it is premeditated murda
So if when I levitate it disturbs ya
you aint gotta ask who I dedicate this verse to, you brothas
I try to see shit in all shades so Im prepped when they finally show they true colors
Aint gotta worry bout who Im tryna appeal to
all I do is keep it in fifth , what up Philip Hughes
Public enemy, Im just Mr Terminator X, now who Im gone terminate next
Hearin all sorts of fables prolly....... whom if you chose to believe will have you thinkin im unstable
Contrary to belief I weighed all I brought to the table
And decided that relationshiship wasnt worth being faithful
Word from the wise when you lie make sure the trail is gone
And don't expect a happy ending 'less you in the nail salon
Matter of time before the church will start
It makes sense Im being framed, Im a work of art
But if you caught dawg, Dont, blame the economy
Dont, come wit a hand out,
Dont, try to E-Honda me
See, I never asked niggas to come and be fond of me
You met ya match now, what up E-Harmony


Been in the game 8 years, aint fell off, no braggin
it just been alot john doe n toe taggin
the jeans taverniti, footwear is old fashion
barkleys, jordans, maybe do some bo jacksons
all im hearin is coke rappin wit no passion
from dudes gettin fucked like something chris stokes imagined
black benz, fdduck a R class no wagon
way im on the turnpike ,you would think the pope passin
if you got an assessment of what i represent
its more than likely negligent that we was evrr friends
poppin shit online, havent even met me
you a pusy an a bush, Kardashian and Reggie
Hello expectations, I should look familiar
everytime we me you tell me aint nobody realer
whatever you expect from me i always go beyond that
and be lookin shocked as if you thought we lost contact
so if you knew me you get why my manners are drastic
strong minded, lot of people cant handle that tactic
to keep it rea poloitcs always hamper the masses
and i rebel cuz all i wanna do is hand em a classic
boo body gotta be right just to lamp on the matress
til my accountant pull the trigga I hamper they asses
im in to fine linen ma, lay a hand my fabric
bad bitches, fast cars, no Danica Patrick
audience is die hard, so if my fan spazzin
you might see the 1st drive by, from a bandwagon
im not a roll model, I never planned to be
the world would be fucked up if, yall was the same as me
im, not to be copied off of, not to be emulated
this music aint the club more, so'd it be stimulated
a nigga far from perfect when you hear my pencil state it
that I would try to be or, that I would demonstrate it
the nay-sayers talkin, it seems i been degraded
an though I hear they words, none of em penetrated
so when its cold out I, make sure im insultaed
a lil food for thought, hope ya mental can take it.

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